Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for CAP services?

An individual is eligible to receive information and referral services from CAP if he or she has a disability. Additionally, any client of a vocational rehabilitation program or client applicant is eligible to receive all other services provided by CAP.


How much do I need to pay?

CAP services are available to eligible individuals at no cost.


Is the information that individuals share with CAP confidential?

Yes. CAP must keep all personal information about individuals strictly confidential. Personal information includes lists of names, addresses, photographs, and records of evaluations provided to or obtained by CAP. CAP can only use information or records obtained about an individual for purposes directly connected with CAP unless CAP obtains written consent for the disclosure from the individual, guardian, or other legal representative.


What procedures does CAP staff follow in response to requests for assistance?

First, CAP completes the intake process during which they provide information and general referrals. Typically, CAP staff start by asking an individual for his or her basic background information and information about the vocational rehabilitation program. CAP then sends the individual an informational packet. The packet provides information regarding the individual’s rights, the services that CAP may provide and its responsibilities toward the individual, and the services and responsibilities of the vocational rehabilitation program. The packet also contains certain disclaimers and informational sheets the individual needs to fill out and return to CAP.

Second, after receiving the completed informational sheets, CAP can access the individual’s file from the vocational rehabilitation program. CAP then reviews the individual’s file and determines if it can provide assistance.

Finally, after the investigation, if the case has merit and the individual is eligible for CAP services, CAP staff work to resolve problems through informal advocacy and negotiation.